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    Our Sustainability Mission

    The Dublin Royal Convention Centre delivers world-class conferencing and events to our clients with a vision to be recognised as leaders in sustainability. Our focus is always on doing the right thing by our guests, and the environment.

    We continue to work with our local communities to drive sustainability initiatives, developing objectives for each of our suppliers and business partners for the preferred use of environmentally friendly products and an enhanced focus on energy consumption.

    We are committed to a long-term sustainability plan and will work towards meeting the highest ISO 20121 standards.

    A first-class venue with NZEB standards, LEED Gold Certificate, the Dublin Royal Convention Centre strives to achieve more sustainable and green initiatives to safeguard the environment. LEED is an internationally recognised green building certification system aimed at improving performance across all the metrics that matter the most: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts.

    It is our mission to reduce the environmental impact of our business through the promotion of sustainability principles, providing a safe and sustainable environment for our team, delegates, as well as for our local communities. From the energy we use, right through to our recycling processes, we have taken a vested interest in being a green venue throughout.

    Sustainability is at the heart of this “BER A” energy efficient building, offering bicycle bays, smart car charging points, solar PV panels, highly efficient led fittings, automatic lighting controls, AHU heat pump technology providing highly efficient ventilation system, and energy efficient systems. Our heating and cooling for the Convention Centre is via HVRF electric air conditioning system. Hot water shall be heated via air source heat pump system with buffer vessels located at roof level servicing throughout the building. The Dublin Royal Convention Centre also guarantees the full carbon offset of all their meetings and events taking place at zero costs to our clients.

    It is of great importance that the Dublin Royal Convention Centre holds to the highest ethical standards. We strive to be strong advocates for inclusivity and diversity with a particular focus on our employees’ wellbeing. We want to create an environment of inclusiveness and value the diversity of our team members, delegates, and partners.

    We commit to engage with and influence, where possible, our interested parties, including our service partners, contractors and suppliers that share the same values as us around our principles of sustainability. They will be made aware of our sustainability policy and how they can support our sustainability objectives.

    The Dublin Royal Convention Centre strives to do all that is reasonable to ensure that key sustainability impacts relating to events, procurement, utilities, transport, employees, visitors, delegates and the community in general are assessed and reviewed financially, socially, and environmentally.

    Carbon Neutral Meetings

    In partnership with First Climate, one of the world’s largest carbon offset organisations and through projects that help reduce emissions and have a positive social impact. The carbon footprint is calculated based on the leading hospitality industry tool, the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI). Developed to measure and analyse the carbon footprint of our meeting and delegate stays in a consistent and transparent way. The HCMI framework enables us to calculate the carbon emissions allocated to a meeting space and to offset them accordingly. Any meeting that takes place in the Dublin Royal Convention Centre or the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Dublin is now 100% carbon neutral.

    Waste Management

    The Dublin Royal Convention Centre has a comprehensive waste management policy in place to help manage the generation and segregation of waste. We monitor our recycling figures key objectives for our recycling targets. We work with industry leaders on how to best manage the creation, segregation, and recycling of waste, not only within the building but also for every event.

    Water Usage

    To ensure minimum water usage, we use sensor taps in all wash band basins and sensor flushes in all urinals. All of the drinking water produced for attendees of the venue is through the filtered system BluPura (Icewater). BluPura are the only water cooler manufacturer to be listed in the GREENPEACE ‘Cool Technology Report’ By making the choice of using a mains supply water-cooler we are contributing towards eliminating the economic impact (production, transportation and disposal) that bottled water has on the environment.

    Eco-Produce and Sourcing

    The Dublin Royal Convention Centre takes care to ensure that the products sourced and used are eco-friendly. We strive to use 100% recyclable products throughout the venue SRF waste. Our Executive Chef continues to work with local suppliers for locally sourced produce where possible. This ensures our meals are fresh and in season whilst also supporting local farmers. In addition, chocolate, tea, and coffee supplies will be fair trade. The housekeeping team use reusable micro fibre cloths and mops made from recyclable materials which are laundered on-site, as well as recycled paper products and re-fillable soap dispensers.

    Food Sourcing

    We consistently strive towards on-going improvement in our business practices with a view to leading environmental best practice across our industry. At the Dublin Royal Convention Centre, not only are we are committed to offering sustainable dishes, but we also promise food safety, freshness, and small farm economics, as well as environmental sustainability. We use indigenous suppliers from all over Ireland who champion sustainable practices and ensure that our food is fresher, tastier and as nutritious as possible.

    Food Waste

    We are working and striving to have less than 20% food waste CO2 emissions, our aim is to reduce this in the coming years as we learn more about our new convention centre and we are actively exploring initiatives such as converting food waste to fertiliser.

    Linen Usage

    We have made the conscious decision to be a ‘linen-less’ venue. Using linen results in the following impact on our environment; high water usage, electrical usage, transportation of deliveries and then end of life disposal. We partnered with our furniture supplier Burgess to design a dark oak-top table which eliminated the need to use linen. Our banquet tables, trestle tables and pod tables do not require linen. Our marble top registration desk was also designed with this in mind.

    Digital Displays

    Within our pre-function area you will have the use of multiple digital signage displays to reduce the need for printed materials. Agendas, branding and other materials normally printed can be displayed on our 4 Metre LED wall, 85-inch screen or our two 43-inch screens.

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